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Dear friends,

You may have noticed that I changed the name of my Facebook page. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes! Here are some exciting updates:

Thing #1: My livestream is this Friday at 7:00 pm Pacific Time!

Thing #2: At said livestream, I will be playing an actual guitar! Yes, with 6 strings instead of my usual 4!

Thing #3: I have been writing more songs! You will hear some of them on Friday, but I also seem to have a talent for writing songs that I can’t actually play, so others will have to wait until my skills improve.

Thing #4: I am branching out! When I started playing music publicly a few years ago, I focused on Irish music (and the broader “Celtic” umbrella). I did this for a few reasons. The first is that I was exposed to such music at a young age and have always loved it. Another reason is that I really wanted to dive deeply into a living body of work before I branched off on a thousand bunny trails. Yet another reason is that, up until connecting with other Celtic musicians at the Coastal Celtic Festival, I had experienced a dearth of people who were interested in this type of music, so I wanted to learn as much of it as possible to address this perceived shortage. (Meeting people through performing and the Internet has taught me that there are actually many of us who love this music!) There are many more reasons that I could list, but I’ll spare you.

On this livestream, there will still be Celtic music, but you’ll also hear a mix of other songs that I like. I hope that you like them, too! I don’t fit into genre boxes well, and it’s been exciting to explore the incredible amount of music that exists in the world.

I have focused a lot on history in my livestreams. There will still be history, but maybe not as much because I also want to showcase songs that provoke emotion in addition to songs that tell a story. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll strike a balance, but this is all very experimental!

I want to pause and acknowledge several musicians who have supported and guided me during the pandemic. Emmet (That Irish Guy) has been encouraging since the first day that I met him, he let me interview him for a radio show, and he has always helped me learn about new songs that give me an even deeper sense of what Irish music is about. Tim Forand has been a riot since the first day that I met *him* (DOUGIE!!), and his kind heart and wild mix of songs has inspired me to keep learning music. Keith Eastwood, the Viking Irishman, has been ceaselessly encouraging me to continue to write music, and he pulled together a fantastic virtual musical birthday party while Finn and I were going through a medical crisis. Last but certainly not least, Marian ( has been a very important person to me, again, since the first day I met her. She is the one who finally convinced me that I can learn to play guitar, and she also gave me that final push I needed to let go of genre and branch out wherever the music speaks to me. I’ll keep “cracking open” this stone shell and letting the music out, Marian.

I would be remiss if I did not also thank Dan Tobin and Aubrey Lay Tobin and Bill Svendsen and Sue Svendsen for creating spaces for musicians to gather, and for putting me on a stage when I had almost no experience. The confidence and friendship I gained from all of you has carried me forward into the musician I am today.

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